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Every business has to start somewhere. My name is Cory Boyer and I have been doing photography for a long time as it is my passion, it is only recently that my wife and I have been given the opportunity to turn my passion into my job. I have a wonderful team that is here to help me make your experience one of the best and customer service is our top priority. We are open for any and all suggestions and never quit till you are happy. Right now we are only doing outdoor photos but we are open to the idea of meeting wherever you want for your photo shoot. We have done a few indoor shoots but the location has been at the clients. We also are available for school pictures.


Client Testimonials

Cory was very patient with my child and my child loved him! He took his time and went over the allotted time but did not charge me for the extra time. When i saw the pictures at our meeting I was instantly happy and wanted all the pictures, as they where all so colorful and truly captured my child.